Parent Teacher Association

Parent Teacher Association

PTA has a very active role in the success of the institution. The education of a child is not confined to professional expertise of the teachers, if is also equally a matter of the personal involvement and experience of the parent. Parent Teacher Association has an executive committee which is selected yearly. All important decisions pertaining to the institution are taken with due consideration of the feedback received from the PTA.

PTA is a formal organization composed of parents, teachers and staff that is intended to facilitate parental participation in a school. The PTA functioning since the beginning of the school serves as a forum for parents and teachers to engage in mutually beneficial discussion and work for the welfare of the school community. All parents are members of the Parent Teacher Association of the school. The Parent Teacher Association is expected to meet periodically.

The aims and objectives of the association are:

  • To bring better understanding of the problems of the pupils, parents, teachers and to help find solutions.
  • To be in close touch with the pupil's progress, discipline, health and physical education, obedience to teachers, regularity in doing assignments.
  • To arrange meeting, seminars and cultural programmes for improving the relationship between parents, pupils and teachers
  • To raise fund for the specific purpose of pupils' welfare.

Parents are and will be an important part of the Dharmambal Veerappan Public School. Other than regular reporting on student achievement and progress, the school will develop a comprehensive Parent-School Programme to encourage the participation of parents in the growth and development of their children.

Parent involvement helps extend teaching outside the classroom, and creates a more positive experience for children, helping them perform better when they are at school.

Parents are invited for special events that are conducted in the school. The school organizes a host of activities for students and their parents to participate in. Inviting parents to celebrate Mother’s Day and Father’s Day as well as requesting parents to share exciting stories during the many activities the school coordinates.

S# Name of the members Gender Description Class Designation
1 Mrs. Ilakkiya. P Female Parent Representative Nursery Member
2 Mrs. Rajeswari. V Female Parent Representative 1 Member
3 Mrs.Kanagavalli. R Female Parent Representative 2 Member
4 Mrs. R.Silamparasi Female Parent Representative 3 Member
5 Mrs. Suganya. S Female Parent Representative 4 Member
6 Mrs. Karkuzhali.A Female Parent Representative 5 Member
7 Mr. Kamaraj Gandhi. R Male Parent Representative 6 Member
8 Mr. Kumaresaprabhu. S Male Parent Representative 7 Member
9 Mrs.Deepa. C Female Parent Representative 8 Member
10 Mrs.Kanagavalli. R Female Parent Representative 9 Member
11 Mrs. Jeevitha. S Female Parent Representative 10 Member
12 Dr. P.Veerappan Male Management Representative 11 Chairman
13 Mrs.Saranya. S Female Nursery Teacher Representative 10 Member
14 Mrs. Muthamilselvi. P Female Primary Teacher Representative 10 Member
15 Mrs. Menaka. M Female Secondary Teacher Representative 10 Member
16 Mr. Arulanantham. S Male Principal 10 Member Secretary
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