Annual Report


Reach high, for stars lie hidden in your soul.
Dream deep, for every dream leads the goal.

Esteemed Chief Guest of the day, Dr. G. Balasubramanian, Former Vice-Chancellor, Tamil University, Thanjavur, Respected Chairman Dr. P.Veerappan, Director Dr.P.Nallathambi, all trustee members, teaching & non teaching staff, parents, well wisher, and dear children.

I take great pleasure in welcoming all of you on this special occasion of our 10th Annual day celebration “Extravaganza 2023”.

There is a great saying “Education is simply the soul of a society as it passes from one generation to another.”

As we share the yearly updates of our activities, we take the modesty to say that we did our best to do as we had planned and we are proud of our students and teachers who strive hard to achieve beyond expectations. We have focused on the holistic development of the students.

I Mr. Arulanantham. S, Principal of Dharmambal Veerappan Public School feel really honoured to present Annual report of our School for the academic year 2022-2023.This year was marked with many events and success stories. This can be attributed to the dedication and team spirit of the members of the management, staff and students.

We have always been committed to create an environment in the school which helps the young mind to blossom and provide a platform for individual thinking and holistic development of the child’s personality, as academic session witnesses repositioning, restructuring & refocus.


We are very happy to inform you that we have received the CBSE affiliation for Secondary School (CBSE Affiliation Number- 1931109) (Grade 9 & 10). We would like to express our sincere thanks to all our parents and well-wishers for their constant support for our endeavors to ensure quality education for our students. We assure you that we will continue our efforts to achieve excellence. Meanwhile, we will also be starting the process of getting CBSE affiliation for the senior secondary (i.e., Grade 11 and 12).

DVP Faculty Team

DVP family comprises of 14 well trained, well experienced, dedicated teaching staff and 10 supporting staff. We duly appreciate the tremendous co-operation on the part of everyone associated with this institution who have strived their best to mould our students to work hard to make their dreams and aspiration come true. Apart from the various core subject teachers, we have dynamic teachers for Physical Education, Art, Yoga, Karate, Silambam, Archery, Music and dance.


Academics is the core focus of our school. All the possible efforts have been taken and, we will continue to take, to ensure academic excellence in our school. We believe that excellence in academics is the hall mark of our school, as a good institution.

Coming to academies we have 3 periodic tests (PT-1, PT-2 & PT-3) and two main exams Term-1 and Annual Exam to measure the academic standard of the children as academies is very important to compete in this competitive world where they have to excel themselves.

PTA meetings were arranged periodically to inform the parents about their child’s performance we cherish and thank all the parents for their cooperation and their constructive suggestion in our Endeavour of imparting quality education.


‘’The quality of your thinking, determines the quality of your mind.’’

51 students from Grade 3 to 8 participated in the Science Olympiad Foundation First level International English Olympiad, National Science Olympiad, International Mathematics Olympiad where they compete with the rest of the students across the country with excellent results 66 Medals of Distinction, 17 Gold Medals of Excellence and also selected for second level exam. It infuses a healthy competitive spirit through reward-based assessment.

External Competition-Kalabharathi National Competition:

Our students have actively took part in All India Colouring, Handwriting and Essay Writing Competition-2022 for the students of Grade KG to IXth in partnering with Kalabharati Child Art Institute, Aurangabad Maharashtra – A National Institute.

Prize Winners:

1. Ms. Suvathi Sri. K – Grade III – Balkalaratna Award in National Colouring Competition 2022
2. Master. Vishnuvardhan – Grade IV – Balkalaratna Award in National Colouring Competition 2022
3. Ms. Durhashini. C – Grade VII – Balkalaratna Award in National Colouring Competition 2022
4. Ms. Tharaga.V- Grade UKG – Balkalaratna Award in National Handwriting Competition 2022
5. Master. Vijayakumar. N – Grade IX – Balkalaratna Award in National Handwriting Competition 2022


“Live as if you were to die tomorrow,
Learn as if you were to live forever.’’
With the sole purpose of having our teachers in pace with the growing demands of modern and effective administration of academics, our school hosted a series of Teachers’ Workshops. It was an attempt that inclusively engulfed various significant aspects like Moral Values, Life Skills by CBSE, Meditation & Stress Management, Science, English Language, and Mathematics.

Apart from this, our teachers are made a part of the training sessions and workshops that were held by CBSE. Our teachers attended various workshops like the Information technology today workshop, a workshop on NURTURING EARLY CHILDHOOD and ADOLESCENCE MANAGEMENT, and workshops on various ACADEMIC SUBJECTS. Attendee teachers further shared the knowledge with other fellow teachers widening the sphere of wisdom.


Having the school completely digitized has numerous advantages to the parents, teachers, and the school itself.

Our digital platform is powered by Google’s G-Suite for education. We manage all the academic affairs of the entire academic year in that platform. It helps us – as a school – to be more effective by having a well-planned and predictable execution, delivering results to parents and a very positive impact on our students.

We communicate and manage Fee status, Periodic Test Results, School Circulars, Newsletters, events, etc. through the Class Whatsapp channels and our School Facebook page. Also to ensure the safety of the students we have initiated to install CCTV cameras and GPS tracking system in all the school vans.

Parents have direct access to talk to the class teachers for regular updates of their child. For certain special cases which may need my personal attention, can be escalated directly to us through the provision as communicated in the whatsapp channel.

Parents and teachers have been brought closer using this digital platform. We communicate the daily home practice instructions via the class channels. In this way, the parents are on top of how their child is progressing in the academic affairs.


DVP opens the platform for all creative minds to express their hidden talents.

School social media accounts have been regularly updated with various CCA programmes and other events, newsletters, posters of various celebration, posters of the winners of various CCA competitions and other necessary information. We request you to encourage our students and their activities in these social media platforms.


Co-curricular activities provides children opportunities to showcase their talents. House-wise and open House competitions were conducted throughout the year in CCA competitions, Non-competitive items and various events and celebrations. CCA in our school helps our students to develop relationship skills and everlasting friendship where they learn to work in a group collaboratively.


To make the children more active and independent field trips have been organized where Grade 3 to 9 students visited to the National Children’s Science Congress held at Vallam, Thanjavur District, Co-ordinated by Periyar Maniammai Institute of Science & Technology and Tamilnadu Science Forum (TNSF) on 10th November 2022. The students became a part of this Exhibition and to the famous Brihadisvara Temple, Thanjavur made the trip become an enlightening & pleasant experience for them.


To find innovative young engineering minds, DVP organized Technobee Workshop in collaboration with Bannari Amman Institute of Technology, Sathyamangalam. It’s a two days hands-on session workshop for Parent-Kid skill development in the field of App-development, Robotics, Drones, and Math-Mela. Students and Parents from various schools have participated.


On an account of World Immunization week our DVP school arranged Umbrella rally and cycle rally on 27th April 2022. As a part of this various competition like mask making, Drawing and a opportunity to interact with experts in live in the field of medicines in the various departments.


Annual Fest & KG graduation was celebrated on 23rd April 2022 at our school campus. The students were awarded prizes in the Academic as well as Co-Curricular areas.


A summer camp was organized from 17th to 27th May 2022 the summer holidays with a wide variety of innovative activities like drawing, Spoken English, Archery, Handwriting practice, and dance which provided excellent opportunities for the students to improve their skills along with enjoying fun activities. Field trips were also arranged to Manora and Pudhupattinam Beach.


Ladies and Gentlemen, Along with these, various events and functions are celebrated with a lot of vigour and fun. Some of them are:

1. World environment day was celebrated on 5th June 2022 to create awareness on the importance of protecting the Mother Nature.
2. Parents Orientation Programme was conducted on 11th June 2022.
3. Father’s day was celebrated on 18th June with great enthusiasm.
4. International Yoga day was celebrated on 21st June 2022 with various yoga activities. The importance of Yoga in today’s life was reemphasized during the programme.
5. Independence day With great zest and patriotic fervor, DVPS celebrated the 75th Independence Day. on 15th Aug 2022 with various activities and cultural programmes where Mr. K. Annadurai Member of Legislative Assembly,Pattukkottai has hoisted the flag.
6. Teachers’ day was celebrated on 5th September 2022 with great enthusiasm. Various activities were organized during the event including the card making activities.
7. Library day was celebrated on 30th September 2022 in the remembrance of Shiyali Ramamrita Ranganathan.
8. Various meaningful activities were organized in connection with the Gandhi Jayanti celebration on 2nd October to inculcate Gandhian values and thoughts in our young minds.
9. World students’ day was celebrated on 15th Oct to mark the birth anniversary of Dr. A P J Abdul Kalam.
10. Global handwashing day was observed on 15th October to spread the awareness of the importance of handwashing especially in the context of the Pandemic Covid 19.
11. Food Festival is conducted for the parent and kid on 15-Oct-2022 in the School campus.
12. Vijayadashami & Saraswathi Pooja was conducted on 4th & 5th October 2022 with Pre-KG Admission.
13. Children’s day was celebrated on 14th November 2022 with interesting and exciting events organized by the teachers for the students.
14. Karate Grading Ceremony was held on 18th November 2022 ad the students were awarded yellow belt.
15. Tamil Mandram was inaugurated on 7th-Jan-2023 by Mr. Ayyapillai, Retired Government Higher Secondary school Headmaster and also Margazhi Kolam contest was conducted on that same day.
16. National Mathematics day was observed on 7th-Jan-2023 to commemorate the birth anniversary of Srinivasa Ramanujan.
17. We have proudly celebrated National youth day on 12th-Jan-2023 to encourage and inspire our youth.
18. Pongal Celebration was celebrated on 13th-Jan-2023 with various Cultural activities.
19. Republic day was celebrated on 26th Jan 2023 with various activities and cultural programmes.
20. The Annual Sports meet was inaugurated by Mr. Renshi S. ANDREW, Vice President OGKF INDIA, National Certified Coach, Karate & Archery International Medallist on 28th January 2023 with a spectacular march past and various events were conducted and winners was awarded with medals and certificates.
21. National Science Day, 28th February 2022: To mark the discovery of the Raman Effect, National Science Day was celebrated by the students. The theme of the year 2023 was ‘Global Science for Global Wellbeing.
22. Women’s Day celebrated for the DVP Parents and several games are conducted on 8th March 2023.
23. KG Activities like Red day, Blue day and yellow day were celebrated.


I take this opportunity to thank today’s chief guest
Dr. G. Balasubramaniam whose generous presence for the program.
Special thanks are due to all the parents as well. Their constructive criticism and valuable feedback has always been helpful in so many different ways.
Last but not the least, the staff & students of the school deserve a special mention for their consistent diligence, sincerity & devotion with which they continue to persevere zealously in achieving excellence in all aspect of learning at school.

On behalf of Management, teachers and other staff, I now take this opportunity to commit ourselves to do our best at all times to honorably serve the institution and every stake holder.

Let me conclude this report by the words of our former president Dr. Abdul Kalam.
“Learning gives you creativity, ‘creativity leads to thinking’ Thinking provides knowledge, Knowledge makes you great”.

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