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Dharmambal Veerappan Public School is a propitious initiative founded by Prof. Dr. P. Veerappan M.A. M.Phil., M.Ed., Ph.D. with the objective to bestow quality education at the international level to the children in the villages in and around Pattukkottai Taluk.

It was all the fruit of the desire of the founder to bring the education at global standards to the children near their doorsteps. As a native of the village Ponnavarayankottai, Pattukkottai Taluk, the founder always had the will and wish to make the sequel of his 30 years of expertise in the field of education in a National body reach the inhabitants of his village.

D V Public School is a school of excellence in CBSE board and employs ‘Learning by doing’ strategy to make the students comprehend the concepts by experiencing. It is situated in the main road linking the two towns Pattukottai and Muthupettai which makes the conveyance easily accessible from the surrounding villages.

We believe a clean and fresh environment makes the mind clean and fresh. So a clean, eco-friendly environment is maintained in the school to ensure ambient atmosphere for the students. We also deem that a good education is conferred by good knowledge and good deportment. Consequently we endeavor to mould the students into both a good learner and a good humanitarian.

Founder Of the DVP School

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In the expedition to achieve our vision we train the teachers to make them a proper aid in helping the students to develop in physical, mental, intellectual, moral, communication and lingual aspects. Each student is envisaged to become a fulfilled human with attributes required to face and succeed in the competitive world. Apart from the curriculum the students are insisted to take part in co curricular activities which is hoped to improve their communication skills, leadership qualities and also their self confidence. The students are trained to understand the concepts and learn. We impart the strategy of ‘learning by doing’ or ‘activity based learning’ to assist the students to realize the meaning and to conceptualize the ideas realized from the learning. The students are highly insisted to avoid memorizing the lessons. The students are encouraged deeply to improve their communication skills and are always expected to converse in English in the school premises.
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